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The Area's Only Escape Room Attractions

Every escape game you play at Paradox will test your groups ability to think efficiently under pressure, manage your time well, and have fun in the process! We design our rooms with all ages and thought processes in mind, so whether you’re a math wiz or artistic genius, our rooms will have something you’ll enjoy.

Grab your friends, challenge your workmates or bond with family and take on one of our unique escape rooms. Guaranteed to be one of the most enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and physically intriguing experiences you've ever had.
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Up front, take a seat in our lobby and enjoy our stylish art gallery, hosting pieces from local and renowned artists alike. All local pieces are for sale, and we’re always looking for more to show what our area has to offer! While you’re relaxing, choose from a wide selection of drinks such as tea, coffee, pop, and numerous alcoholic beverages, as well as frozen pizza and snacks to keep your brain fresh!

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